Vocal Impression


* That it takes ONLY 7 seconds to make a first impression!

* That only 7% of your message is communicated through the words you say!

* That 55% of your message is communicated through your body language, personal appearance & actions!

* That 38% of your message is communicated through the sound and tone of your voice!

* That 86% of your message is communicated through how you sound when on the phone!

* That several studies have concluded that next to death, public speaking is often reported as the second greatest fear.

Vocal Impression is, "where image meets sound". By focusing on the voice and the production of sound, executives, professionals and anyone who uses their voice to connect with an audience will benefit from this training. Vocal Impression employs the tools of the 9P's of Performance, which is a 9 element system that enhances an individual's expertise in public speaking and effective communication. The system enables professionals and individuals who would like to improve the way they speak and sound in an effort to enhance their overall image through their "voice brand" and presence. For those whose job requires them to conduct sales presentations, or for those who would like to improve their communication skills, through sales presentation skills training, public speaking skills training or business presentation skills training, voice and diction trainer Adrian Luces can help you to achieve your goal.

By improving your "vocal impression" or vocal production, you will become a more effective presenter, public speaker and salesman. How many people when faced with having to do a business or sales presentation get flustered and nervous, worrying about their voice and whether people are going to pay attention and listen? By engaging a voice and diction trainer like Adrian Luces who has developed the 9P's of Performance for this purpose, professionals and leaders learn to connect with their audience, enabling them to release the many fears related to public speaking and delivering sales and business presentations.

As it takes only 7 seconds to establish a first impression, enhancing on your vocal image can be critical to your success. Some of the benefits of working on your Vocal Impression include: better vocal health, improved confidence, greater influence and power, ultimate success. In addition, diction training is especially useful for those whose second language is English.

Whether you are in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis or Dallas, the tools provided to you through the 9P's of Performance are effective and highly beneficial in making a great first impression or enhancing your overall image.

Vocal Impression is a voice and image transformation service.

Personal Voice Training specialist Adrian Luces will transform and enhance your overall image by developing an improved and more confident vocal image through:

* Business voice/speech lessons
* Business presentation skills training
* Business performance skills coaching
* Keynote speaker training
* Accent Neutralization

Conquer your fear of Public Speaking by learning and understanding how to properly use the most unique instrument of sound, your VOICE!

Everyone can benefit from voice coaching. Located in Toronto, Canada, Adrian Luces can help you to abandon your fears of public speaking and transform you into a great communicator, performer and public speaker. Everyone will benefit from this voice and performance training, even the seasoned "Keynote" speaker, as Adrian provides you with the technical tools that will allow you to use your voice healthily and well. All will gain overall confidence in every walk of life and the proper use of your voice will separate you from your competition.





What business leaders can learn from ‘The King’s Speech’

By John Barker (Special to Financial Post - February 28, 2011)

The King’s Speech should be required corporate leadership viewing. In this year’s Academy Award nominated (winning) film, Bertie, (played by Colin Firth), the severely stuttering prince, must rise to his unexpected destiny as a war-time King.

Turning in desperation to the unconventional speech therapist Lionel Logue, (played by Geoffrey Rush), we see behind the crown Bertie’s all too human foibles and paralyzing insecurities.

Parallels to the world of business are clear: when called upon, leaders often struggle to find their own voice. Whether king or queen, executive or manager, anyone who aspires to inspire must face this rite of passage ...click to continue reading


“People have entire relationships via text message now, but I am not partial to texting. I need context, nuance and the warmth and tone that can only come from a human voice.” ... Danielle Steele
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